Melting Me

Melting Me – is a diary of self-portraits from the period when I received the positive test result and self-isolated in December 2020.

The camera, the only witness, recorded moments of pain, anguish, sadness and loneliness. Somehow, I imagined it would be my last photo in life. I tried to seek relief from the pain with stretching, overcome the boredom of being without a television and without the Internet, with reading and took refuge in jazz as a way to gain energy.

At 50, I knew I was in the risk group. I was afraid to sleep and get worse at night. I just moved from São Paulo to London. My family was still in Brazil. The feeling is that day after day I was melting and I opened the window to see the light for the last time. I survived. My feelings to so many other human beings who were not so lucky.