Creation and Daydreams

Creations and daydreams is the result of my experiments, where I feel free from the shackles of briefings pointed out by clients. In the solitude of the studio, turning everyday products into unexpected visions is putting out the imagination that only I can see. I never know what I’m going to do. I join objects, lights, lenses, papers and the transformations happen. I make, destroy and redo many times until what is in my head materialises. I never know the final destination of the work. I often don’t know if I’m done or not.

The fact is that looking at these brands without the obligation to follow a briefing from the marketing department, shows another side of the brand and the product, which is never explored, but which always has an impact on whoever looks at it. Somehow, scholars cling to research results when creating their advertising images and often present cold and obvious images of their products. I understand that unfettered creative freedom can bring much more significant impact to advertising campaigns. These photos were not made for these brands, but many of them were purchased by the brands after they were seen.