Paulo Pampolin is an award-winning professional photographer, working in several areas of photography since 1996, born in São Paulo, Brazil, currently living in London.

Paulo started in photography through the door of daily photojournalism, an opportunity that gave him a refined eye to tell stories in a synthetic way through images. This time was fundamental for the construction of a critical eye at political and environmental events and society’s behaviour in the face of situations. Thus, he developed the ability to solve photographic guidelines with images that lead the viewer to reflect.

Graduated in Cinema, with several short films as a director and director of photography, later on, his refined eye for detail led him to broaden his acting range and shoot for business magazines, where he developed a unique and sophisticated style for corporate portraits, fashion universe, where photos necessarily provoke and help to sell products, photos of food and drinks, which encourage the viewer to desire the subjects of the photos.

The architecture, the products in the studio, the photos in industry, reveal a keen and curious eye at the study of unconventional angles and shapes, with a strong appeal to geometry. Authorial projects are noteworthy, as a result of his personal studies and experiments free from briefs, which ended up opening the doors of exhibitions and galleries around the world.

Paulo has several awards in his bag, including twice Leica-Fotografe, Next Photo, Spider Awards, Ayrton Senna, SESC, PHOTO and publications in several magazines around the world.


B3 Brazilian Stock Exchange, Microsoft, Philips, ELLE Magazine, Bodega Bay, British Airways, TimeOut, Reckitt Benckiser, Chiswick House & Garden Park, Capture One, Folha de São Paulo, CCR, InPress Porter Novelli, Renova Foundation, São Paulo Fashion Week